Understanding Body Language

In writing my novel, I found it necessary to understand what types of non-verbal cues people use to express what they are feeling. I came across this website┬áthat is a series of videos that teach a person how to read body language. The 18 videos are brief, between one and a half to two minutes each, and are presented by Dr. Michelle Roth Cohen, a Psychological Expert with her own talk show on LA TalkRadio, “On The Couch With Dr. Michelle.”

While the videos are not breaking any new ground, they are very concise examples of certain cues that we have all seen in real life. They are organized by topics, such as “How to Flirt with Body Language,” or “How to Take Control with Body Language,” or “How to Tell if Someone is Lying with Body Language,” and the transcripts are found under each video.

I am going to use these videos to help my characters come alive, especially in dialogue sequences. I am really enjoying how to write good dialogue, but I knew that I was falling short in certain places, so these videos have already helped me identify places where I can show, not tell.

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