Our Wedding – June 25, 1994

“On June 25, 1994, a day that started out hot, and only got hotter, the beautiful bride, Sharel Cottrell, and the handsome groom, Taylor Stonely, went into the Dallas Texas Temple separately, but came out hand-in-hand, having been sealed to each other for time and all eternity.

“The love that developed between the two of them was special, sometimes even taking their very breath away at the rightness of it all. While they courted for only a few months, Sharel and Taylor knew quickly that they were meant to spend their lives together forever…”

This is how I remember that day. So, in an effort to recapture the many fond memories of our wedding, I decided to build a photo book in an effort to make more permanent the day that Sharel and I were sealed together in the Dallas Texas Temple. The day was a real Texas scorcher, with no clouds in the sky, and the temperature reaching a high of 103 degrees F. At times there was a slight breeze, but the humidity was thick. We felt that we were in a fairy tale, with people moving slowly around us. We were content to having our pictures taken over and over, in every conceivable pose, because we knew that this day was special. We knew that this day, of all days, was the culmination of past heartaches and future joy. There was a bit of sadness that some were not physically with us to witness this day, but we felt their presence in our hearts, and we rejoiced in the knowledge that they were pleased with the steps that we took to get married in the temple.

So enjoy the images of this new life beginning, a day that is still the most important of our lives!

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