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Linda Weaver Clarke was raised on a farm surrounded by the rolling hills of southern Idaho and has made her home in southern Utah among the beautiful red mountains of St. George, Utah. She is happily married and is the mother of six daughters and has several grandchildren. She travels throughout the United States, teaching a “Family Legacy Workshop,” encouraging others to write their family history and autobiography.

Clarke is the author of the historical sweet romance series, “A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho,” which includes the following novels: Melinda and the Wild West  – an awarding winning novel, Edith and the Mysterious Stranger, Jenny’s Dream, Sarah’s Special Gift, and Elena, Woman of Courage. The Adventures of John and Julia Evans includes Anasazi Intrigue, Mayan Intrigue, Montezuma Intrigue, and Desert Intrigue. She has also written two non-fiction e-books: Reflections of the Heart and Writing Your Family Legacy.


A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho: Historical Sweet Romance Series

Linda Weaver Clarke - Melinda and the Wild WestMelinda and the Wild West” (2006) 2nd edition
Awards: Semi-finalist for “Reviewers Choice Award”
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing
Synopsis: In 1896 Melinda Gamble — a very elegant, naïve young woman from Boston — decides to give up her life of monotonous comfort for the turbulent uncertainty of the still untamed Wild West. Driven by her intense desire to make a difference in the world, Melinda takes a job as a schoolteacher in the small town of Paris, Idaho, where she comes face-to-face with a notorious bank robber, a vicious grizzly bear, and a terrible blizzard that leaves her clinging to her life. But it’s a rugged rancher who challenges Melinda with the one thing for which she was least prepared — love.

Linda Weaver Clarke - edithcoverwebEdith and the Mysterious Stranger” (2008) 2nd edition
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing
Synopsis: With mysterious letters, cattle rustlers, a spunky woman, the liar’s fire, Halloween, and young love, there is always something happening. It is 1904 and Melinda is “with child” and threatening to miscarry. Her cousin Edith, a nurse, moves to Paris to care for her. Edith has wonderful qualities but never gives a man a second chance because her expectations are so high. However, all that changes when a mysterious stranger begins to write to her. For the first time, she gets to know a man’s inner soul before making any harsh judgments. Whoever he is, this man is a mystery and the best thing that has ever happened to her. The question that puzzles her is whether or not he’s as wonderful in person as he is in his letters.

Linda Weaver Clarke - jennysdreamcoverwebJenny’s Dream” (2009) 2nd edition
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing
Synopsis: Jenny Roberts yearns to escape her small hometown of Paris, Idaho and accomplish something remarkable in the world. After she realizes that her kindred friend means more to her than she thought, she must now choose between a career and romance. Which dream should she pursue? The only thing standing in her way is an unpleasant memory from her past, which has haunted her since childhood. She must learn to forgive before she can choose which dream to follow. Meanwhile, a legendary ten-foot grizzly is seen in the area and its boldness has frightened the community.

Linda Weaver Clarke - davidcoverwebSarah’s Special Gift” (2009) 2nd edition
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing
Synopsis: Deep-rooted legends, a few mysterious events, the mystery of the Bear Lake Monster, and a tender love story! David quickly becomes one with the town and its folk and wonders why they believe in this Bear Lake Monster. It just has to be a myth. While visiting the Roberts family, he finds himself entranced with one very special lady and ends up defending her honor several times. Sarah isn’t like the average woman. This beautiful and dainty lady has a disability that no one seems to notice. He finds out that Sarah has gone through more trials than the average person. She teaches him the importance of not dwelling on the past and how to love life. And how about the Bear Lake Monster? Does it really exist?

Linda Weaver Clarke - elenacoverwebElena, Woman of Courage” (2009) 2nd edition
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing
Synopsis: The “Roaring Twenties” was a time of great change, when women raised their hemlines and bobbed their hair. When Elena settles into a strict conservative town as the newest doctor, a slew of problems begin to arise. The town is not ready for a female doctor, let alone one so strong and independent. Elena Yeates, the town’s newest doctor, must struggle to prove herself in this western town, while keeping her composure, poise, and femininity. As she fights to prove herself, the town’s most eligible bachelor finds it a challenge to see if he can win her heart. With the 1920’s rise of women’s rights, this novel gives you great insight at the struggles women had to go through, all the while watching a young love blossom!

The Adventures of John and Julia Evans: Mystery/Adventure Series

Linda Weaver Clarke - anasazicoverwebAnasazi Intrigue” (2010) 2nd edition
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing
Awards: Socrates Great Book Alert Award
Synopsis: Stolen artifacts, a nosy newspaper reporter, and mysterious events begin to unfold in this mystery adventure novel. When a devastating flood takes out several homes in a small town, they are shocked by the news of also a possible poison spill that kills many of the fish and neighbor’s pets. Julia, the town’s newest reporter, begins her investigation but realizes the story is much bigger and more dangerous than she thought! Julia and her husband find themselves on the run trying to save their lives while finishing the story of a lifetime! She never realized that being a reporter could be so dangerous. With artifacts, dead fish, a devastating flood, and miscreants, John and Julia have their hands full.

Linda Weaver Clarke - mayancoverwebMayan Intrigue” (2010) 2nd edition
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing
Synopsis: The jungles of the Yucatan, Mayan ruins, looters, and a mysterious artifact are focus of Mayan Intrigue. The discovery of a priceless artifact puts Julia’s life in great danger! From valuable artifacts to shady businessmen, the Yucatan Peninsula becomes a dangerous vacation spot for John and Julia Evans. While on assignment for the newspaper, the Evans’ try to enjoy a romantic vacation among the Mayan ruins, but when Julia accidentally comes upon a couple suspicious men exchanging an item, she quickly turns and leaves but it is too late. The men have seen her. As a reporter, Julia does not easily give up and her curiosity gets them in a mess of trouble. Before John and Julia realize what is going on, they are both in danger and find themselves running for their lives through the jungles of the Yucatan.

Linda Weaver Clarke - montezumacoverwebMontezuma Intrigue” (2011) 2nd edition
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing
Synopsis: The search for Montezuma’s treasure, mysterious events, family secrets, and a good-looking rogue! When a leather parchment of Montezuma’s map is found in great-grandfather Evans’ old chest, April and the twins know this summer is going to be a memorable one. The girls want to search for it but their father is against it for some mysterious reason. With Julia’s help, she and the girls convince John to go on a treasure hunt. Is Montezuma’s treasure a legend or reality? Whatever the case, John insists on keeping their little treasure hunt a secret. If certain people find out about it, the family could be in danger.

Linda Weaver Clarke - desertcoverwebDesert Intrigue” (2012)
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing
Synopsis: Mystery…Adventure…Romance…Humor…Intrigue! When Julia’s brother announces that his dude ranch is haunted, she believes that someone is trying to sabotage his place and force him to sell. The mysterious happenings have to do with Superstition Mountain, the lost Dutchman’s goldmine, and the great Thunder God. Is it possible that the legend of the Thunder God is actually true? After a terrible thunderstorm, everyone begins to wonder. John and Julia quickly head to Mesa, Arizona and discover a few mysterious events. Will they find out who is behind these disasters before Uncle Kelly’s dude ranch is ruined?

Non-fiction E-books:

Reflections of the Heart” (2011)
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing
Synopsis: Reflections of the Heart has 13 chapters of inspirational writings such as: The secret of Happiness, Laughter is the Best Medicine, Parenthood – A Great Responsibility, Equal Partners in Marriage, Developing Your Spirituality, and Music Soothes the Soul.


Writing Your Family Legacy” (2012)
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing
Synopsis: Writing Your Family Legacy: It’s important to teach our children their heritage. Who are your ancestors? What were their traditions? Each of us has a story from our ancestors or even our own story to tell. If these stories are unwritten, then how are your children going to know of their parentage? It’s up to us to write these experiences down. Make your ancestors come alive on paper. Make your family legacy something your children will be proud of.