Jabberwocky review

The novel “Jabberwocky” — written by Daniel Coleman — is based on the epic poem by Lewis Carroll. The story is based around a young man, Tjaden, who desires most of all to be a soldier who protects his kingdom from dangerous enemies and ferocious monsters.

He develops strong feelings for Elora, a pretty young maiden from his village whose own feelings for him are just as strong. An heroic confrontation between them and a bandersnatch leaves an ugly scar on her face, which complicates matters even further. Elora believes herself to be unwanted and Tjaden is ashamed that he was unable to save her from being disfigured.

Tjaden is chosen to join the ranks of the Elite soldiers, where he trains with his best friend, Ollie. However, when Elora is snatched by the Jabberwock, he volunteers to save her. Where an army has failed to defeat the Jabberwock, he must go it alone.

The surprising twist at the end will leave the reader breathless and wanting more. The author’s skill in weaving confusion and conflict throughout the plot is evident, and only until one reaches the end of the book is the conflict resolved. An excellent story that I highly recommend!