I will build your Wedding Photo Book!

Publishing a wedding photo book is a great gift to family, friends, and guests. “I don’t have the time to put it all together!” you say? Let me put the book together for you! Using state-of-the-art software, with or without captions, I will build you a professional wedding photo book that will appear as if you spent hours and hours doing it yourself! You will get a permanent record of that special day, and a book that will amaze and delight all who look at it.

The process is simple. If you have digital copies of your photos, simply follow these steps to upload them to Flickr.com. Follow these steps if you are unfamiliar with this website:

1. If you do not have a log-in to Flickr.com, click on “Sign Up” at the top of the page. Follow the prompts to sign in under your Yahoo!, Facebook, or Google account. If you do not have one of these accounts, please create one and log in.

2. Once you are signed in to Flickr.com, select step 1, “Personalize your profile,” and then click on the “Let’s do it!”button.

3. Create your buddy icon, or skip that step.

4. On the next page, step 2, “Choose your custom Flickr URL,” type in your first and last name in the box provided (ex. janedoe, or janedoe123). Find a unique alias, and then click on “PREVIEW” button. Click on “OK, LOCK IT IN AND CONTINUE” or choose a different alias. Once you are ready to lock it in, please copy the URL, which should read “http://www.flickr.com/photos/YOUR ALIAS,” as you are going to need to give me that in order for me to work on your photos. This is your custom Flickr URL. In order to share your photos with me, you must create a custom Flickr URL, so please do not skip this step.

5. On the next page, step 3, “Personalize your profile,” fill in as much or as little information that you want, and then click on “NEXT,” or you can skip this step.

Now you should be ready to upload your photos, so click on “Upload your first photos.” You can either click and drag your photos to the space provided (be sure to size your browser window to make that easier to do. This step is the easiest if you have your photos on your desktop) or you can click on “Choose photos and videos to upload.” This will bring up a box, where you can locate your photos. Once you have the photos selected, simply click on the “Open” button in the dialog box and Voila! your photos will appear.

THIS NEXT STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! If you want any captions or descriptions of your photos, you must do them here. I will assume that you do not want any captions or descriptions if you do not put anything with your photos. They can be as long or as short as you want, but if you want to tell a story, this might not be the best place to put that.

Once you have finished with the descriptions, click on “Upload # Photos” button (# = number of photos), and then click on “Upload to Photostream?” You will then see your photos on your Photostream page.

This last step is to let me know that you have uploaded your photos, so please send me an email at: tayman0522@gmail.com. Feel free to give me any suggestions, but be sure to include your custom Flickr URL so that I can download your pictures.

If you need help with navigating the website, please contact me by email and I will do my best to assist you. “Happy Creating!”