Good books for LDS readers

Because I am a Latter-Day Saint (LDS), or a Mormon, I love to read good books that are written for the LDS reader. Growing up during the 1980’s, there were few choices of good, popular fiction — “Charly” and “Sam,” both written by Jack Weyland, come to mind — that I enjoyed as a teenager. Throughout my adult years I have enjoyed “The Work and the Glory” series by Gerald N. Lund, which is an excellent nine-volume series of a fictional family set during the early history of the LDS church. This same series is my oldest daughter’s favorite! She has already read all nine volumes twice, and is now reading them a third time because she loves them so much!

I asked her why she reads them, and, after a few eye rolls and not a few “Dad”s, she said that she loves the characters and how they seem so real. While she is glad that she was not a pioneer during those harsh times, she has come to appreciate the struggles and the pains that they endured, all for their faith in a better, celestial life. And, even though she would never admit it to her old man, she enjoys learning about the early history of the LDS church that she believes in so strongly.

So what is there to read now? The most popular book on the Deseret Book website for fiction is “Come to Zion, Vol. 1: The Winds and the Waves” by Dean Hughes. Watch the following video of Hughes on his 33-year writing career — he has published 99 books during this time! — as well as this latest work.

While I have not read it yet, my wife just finished it and absolutely loved it! Right now I have been spending my time learning the craft of writing fiction, but I definitely have this book on my reading list, and I recommend that you do too!

So leave a reply below, tell me what you are reading and what you recommend, and we can discuss it together.