Favorite Book – I

I have been reading “Writing Fiction for Dummies” by Randy Ingermanson and Peter Economy (2010). This book is a must read as it outlines in very simple steps the things that make up a great story, i.e. the Five Pillars of Fiction (storyworld, or setting, characters, plot, theme, and style). The authors also outline the Seven Tactical Tools (action, dialogue, interior monologue, interior emotion description, flashback, and narrative summary) and how to best use those tools to make the novel work.

My favorite part so far is the realistic outline of how long it might take to publish a novel. There is no sugar coating here, but there is a lot of encouragement, especially to develop the craft of writing. No one is considered to be unpublished. They are simply pre-published.

If you are starting out your career in writing a novel, this book has all of the answers and the motivation that you will need to be successful. Even if you are further along in the process of being published, but haven’t landed that book deal yet, Writing Fiction for Dummies will benefit you, by showing you how to write a proposal letter, why you should be going to writing conferences, and finding writers who will critique your work.

Click here to order this book for yourself! I would love to hear how you are coming along in your writing, so please drop me a line below!