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Cindy A. Christiansen writes sweet romance with comedy, suspense…and dogs! She is a member of National Romance Writers of America, the on-line Kiss of Death chapter, and the American Night Writers Association. She has served as both treasurer and membership coordinator in her local RWA Chapter. She has judged multiple writing contests, coordinated writing competitions and written extensive articles on writing.

She published three novels with Wings, ePress, Inc. with numerous awards. She has since pulled her rights and is now publishing with Secret Cravings Publishing. Her books have been nominated for the prestigious Whitney Awards.

Cindy has her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Weber State College, Ogden, Utah. She became a Programmer/Analyst for an aerospace company before becoming too ill to work. Her illness progressed from Mono and Epstein-Barr virus in the 1980s to Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and Fibromyalgia in the 1990s. She’s been diagnosed with over thirty health conditions.

Cindy grew up on a farm and had been active her whole life which made being bed-ridden very difficult. Although she had always enjoyed some form of writing, like plays, short stories, and magazine articles, she began writing her first manuscript in bed to keep her mind active.

Laura Hillenbrand, who wrote Seabiscuit, is a true inspiration to her. Because Laura also has CFIDS, Cindy realized even though it might take her longer to see her dreams come true, she could still work to attain them. “These illnesses can challenge a person both mentally and physically, but that doesn’t have to stop me.” Although she might not be able to do all that other writers do, she is determined to give it her all.

Cindy also wanted to write the kind of books she believes in. “I believe a book should put you through all the emotions, provide a happy escape, and also teach you a little something.” When she’s up to it, she also enjoys wildlife painting, scrapbooking, antique collecting and refinishing, and clock restoration.

Cindy lives in West Jordan, Utah with her supportive husband, two very special autistic boys and two rowdy dogs. All of her books include dogs because life wouldn’t be life without them. She is currently working on another novel and hopes she can be an inspiration to other challenged writers to live their dreams. She donates both time and money to organizations that support abused and abandoned dogs.


Caskets and Corruption (2011)

Description: Lizzie, a portrait artist of the dead, is looking for adventure amongst the living. But, after discovering a drug operation involving military caskets, she’s chased across the country with Phillip Van Dyke, a stiff-necked funeral director, and her sister’s hairless dog as a stowaway. Can she exhume Phillip’s heart before the drug cartel catches up with them?

Review by Judie L.: This book is by one of my favorite authors, Cindy Christiansen. It takes you into the lives of two very interesting characters, who have two very interesting, absolutely necessary, heart wrenching, but little thought about careers. Both of the main characters deal with different aspects of death and dealing with those left behind in the most gentle and caring way possible.

BUT, that is not the main emphasis of Cindy’s wonderful, enlightening, and fast-paced story. The plot is filled with intrigue, romance, and the antics of an adorable canine!
Cindy Christiansen always manages to bring some sunlight into the shadows of common experiences most of us will someday walk through.

Love on Laird Avenue (2011)

Description: Who said it would be easy for Tatum to leave her over-protective father, buy a 1911 bungalow, and start her own business at the same time? When things fall apart, literally, she hires a hunky home restoration specialist named Ryan to come to her rescue. She never dreamed he’d have his own ideas about protecting her…namely sabotaging her dates.

Review by Therese Kinkaide, author of Luther’s Cross: In Love on Laird Avenue, author Cindy Christiansen delivers a story full of romance, humor, and even a little bit of mystery and danger. Tatum Stewart, the sheltered college graduate daughter of a very wealthy man, is desperate to gain independence. So desperate, in fact, that she jumps into a real estate deal before having her old ‘tumble-down’ bungalow fully inspected. Believing new electrical outlets is one of few needs she has, Tatum hires Ryan Bulldarren for the job.

Drop-dead gorgeous Ryan Bulldarren, of Bulldarren Construction, takes one look at Tatum Stewart and gets tongue-tied and flustered and leaves the house, agreeing to do the work without inspecting the house to see what needs to be done.

A comedic tale of romance and mystery follows, as Ryan works to complete the renovations on Tatum’s house and a couple of incompetent thugs try to break into her house and steal a treasure buried in the basement from Prohibition times.

Braving the Blaze (2011)

Description: A wildfire volunteer is determined to stay single and become a veterinarian. He didn’t count on being assigned a pyrophobic woman or that accidents would follow her like wildfire. Can he keep the flames of desire he reluctantly feels for her under control long enough to keep them and his yellow lab alive?

Review by Debbie: Here is a book that offers more than just an enjoyable few hours of reading–one where you’ve learned something as well as been entertained.  This book, Braving the Blaze by Cindy A. Christiansen, has a lot to offer the reader–romance and suspense, yes, plus humor, wildfire fighting knowledge, survival skills and glimpses of human nature amidst the philosophy that issues are never all black or white.  If you like some depth to your reading experience, start turning the pages of Braving the Blaze, Ms. Christiansen’s latest book.

Hazardous Hideaway (2012)

Description: Riding a bucking bronco would be easier than the ride Dallas Mae Jenkins is on. While escaping an abusive relationship, she ends up in a wreck and stranded at a remote dairy in Utah. Worse yet, the presence of her horse whips up memories of an old town murder, and Dallas finds herself in serious danger.

The last thing Tom Allred needs is a wily female working at his dairy, especially one dragging up a murder he was accused of committing. Will Tom’s antacids hold out until he can get rid of Dallas? Or, will she lasso his heart?

Review by Gary F.: Fascinating tale of the misfortunes of a woman desperately trying to escape a difficult life; only to find herself in another very trying situation.  With only one ally, hers is a struggle to overcome many obstacles to find freedom and safety for herself and her horse.  This is a great, well planned story that will attach itself to you and will not let you alone until you have completed its reading.

Not Quite Zen (2012)

Description: Therapy dog trainer and hospice aide Harmony Hastings takes a much needed Zen vacation only to return to sheer chaos at the Silver Sunset Senior Community.  Who is the new, gorgeous, young doctor and why has old Doc Barlow disappeared?  Why are residents being harmed?

Can Harmony keep her chakras in balance long enough to figure out the mystery before one of the baby boomers ends up dead? Is the mysterious doctor the guilty party, or is he only guilty of giving Harmony a terminal case of love?

Review by Beth Cornelison: Cindy Christiansen was a new-to-me author but three things about her book caught my eye– sweet romance, suspense — and animals! So glad I gave Not Quite Zen a try. A quick-paced read I recommend if you, too, love sweet suspense and dogs!!


Legacy of Lies (not currently available) won Honorable Mention in the RWA Heart of the West Chapter Contest and also the RWA Golden Pen Contest.

The Royal Pain (current title – Hazardous Hideaway) won First Place in the RWA Great Beginning Contest.

Love on Laird Avenue won First Place in the League of Utah Writers, Oquirrh Chapter, ebook contest.

Braving the Blaze won Second Place in the League of Utah Writers, Oquirrh Chapter, ebook contest.