A Guide to Relieving Stress

There are times when life gets stressful. We often over schedule ourselves with things that seemed important at the time, but now are chores. I came across this post from Ollin Morales, who offers some great insights on how to deal with the stresses of the day. While he wrote this post from the perspective of someone who may be struggling as a writer, some of his concepts are universal. The idea of meditation and how it can clear the mind is something that we should all do more often.

I also liked what he had to say about feelings and how we are taught to use our minds, but not so much how to understand and control our emotions. Too often we are told to repress them, to hold them in to the point that we no longer understand them. While I believe that societal norm have allowed a little more leeway towards expressing ourselves, there are still cultural and gender barriers that a lot of us have to overcome.

I believe in the power of new experiences, and by believing that, I feel free to like or dislike the things that I experience. Sometimes my enthusiasm for life is like that of a little child as they discover something new and different and slightly scary.

So don’t give up hope. Life will get better. You simply need to take steps to better your situation. Ollin says to lean on friends and family, and if that is not possible, to find a support system in your community. We cannot live in isolation. We must find those who¬† believe in us, who love us, and ask them to help us. Now, go forth and share this message with others!